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Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend

Managing your time in destination

Many of the tourists arriving in Dubrovnik are one-day visitors from cruise ships and bus tours from the area. This type of visitors usually want to spend their limited time by taking the sightseeing tour to learn about the rich history and culture of the city on UNESCO's world heritage list. They also want to buy interesting souvenirs, find a good restaurant which will not overcharge their service and use the rest of their free time for shopping or taking some good photos.

It is very important to carefully plan your stay. The best way to explore destination in limited time is hiring a licensed tour guide who lives and works in destination. Tourists who decide to spend several days in Dubrovnik can hire a guide to meet them on arrival date and help them plan their activities during the stay.

Why choose a private guide over group tours?

Most people don't even consider taking private tours, as they assume they are expensive. Surprisingly, over all the advantages, private tours are often even cheaper then the group tours. If you directly hire a guide for the walking tour, you avoid paying the agency fees and still get top quality guiding.

Advantages of the private tours:

Time efficiency

You choose the starting time of the tour and you don't have to wait for the others to gather around. The itinerary can be tailor made to suit your preferences. How much time would you like to spend in sightseeing, or how many and what museums you would like to visit, it is all up to you. One more nice advantage is that you can pause the tour for taking few photos or buy something you just saw, without worrying about the group pace.

Smaller groups are much more mobile through the crowd, and the walking pace is set by you, not by the slowest or the fastest group member, which can sometimes be quite annoying.

Individual approach

If you have a question during the tour, you are always free to ask and learn even more, which is impossible in large 50 persons groups. By communicating directly you will get much more information, and your guiding will not sound like you are listening the audio book. You will learn about every day life in Dubrovnik and local traditions, and will get advice for the shops and restaurants based on your preferences.


Compare the private guided tour price with the agency / cruise companies tour prices for you and partner or family, and you will find out that private tour gives you much more for the money spent.

Tip: If the money is important factor to you, during the cruise or stay you could find friends to take the tour with you and split the cost, because you pay per tour, not per person, the same price up to 6 persons.


When you hire a private guide you know the guide's name so you can check reviews and references, even before you make reservation.

Tour recommendation:

In my offer you will find different walking tours. Those are tours that are usually most attractive for the visitors. Any other tour can be tailored for you. Picking a tour depends on your preferences and physical condition. On all tours you will be introduced with history and cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, and further focus will depend on the chosen tour. Major themes are medieval and modern history and culture, war in Croatia in 1991, gastronomy, every day life and other subjects. Check the tours page for more details.

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