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Top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik

1. City walls

Visiting walls is usually the first choice for newcomers. Walking around this impressive and well-preserved fortification, offers unique experience and unforgettable panoramic view over the red Old City rooftops. This 2 km long defensive system was built systematically throughout history, especially in difficult times when permanent danger of foreign attacks lured over the City and the Dubrovnik Republic.

Tip: This is the best time to get introduced to astonishing history of Dubrovnik, so hiring a guide is an option.
Watch for: the harsh sun, avoid the mid daytime.

2. Visit museums

There are numerous attractions located inside and outside the City Walls. Most popular ones are Franciscan Monastery with the Old Pharmacy and Rector's Palace. Franciscan's Pharmacy is the oldest active pharmacy in the world, founded in 1317. Besides pharmacy, visit includes the finest Romanesque-Gothic cloister abounding with valuable works of art in the museum.

Rector's Palace was the administrative center of Dubrovnik Republic. It's a great place to learn some fascinating facts, like Dubrovnik's political system and power of Dubrovnik's diplomacy. Styled furniture, original paintings and interesting items are worth seeing as well.

I would recommend visiting Maritime Museum and Dominican Monastery Museum which holds some priceless works of art. For those interested in Jewish history I would recommend visiting Jewish Museum and Synagogue located in Žudioska Street.

Tip: Buying Dubrovnik Card will save you money on entrance fees

3. Elaphite islands

If you are seeking relaxation and a place to swim, visiting Elaphite islands is the best choice. If you buy excursion at the local agencies you will have chance to visit three islands in one day. Koločep, Lopud and Šipan are all inhabited and have touristic facilities. Going on your own, by regular line, you can visit just one. The Island of Lopud has great sandy beaches and Mediterranean vegetation and is commonly visited even by locals. One of the best beaches in area is called Šunj and is located on Lopud, 30 min walking from the port.

Tip: There are two galleon ship replicas in Dubrovnik. Sailing with one of them would be an unforgettable experience with great photo memories.
Watch for: Cheap local agencies, as some of them sail overcrowded and serve low quality food.

4. Cable car

With no doubt, the most beautiful panoramic view over the Old City, the island of Lokrum and crystal clear Adriatic Sea is from the top of Srđ hill. It takes only 4 minutes by cable car to get to the top. Besides taking stunning photos, you can visit the Museum of Croatian war of Independence in Fort Imperial. If you would like to learn more about Croatian war, I would be glad to be your personal guide on one of my private tours.

Tip: Restaurant Panorama has one of the best chocolate cakes in the city :)

5. Buža sunset & night life

Highly ranked by reviewers, Cafe Buža offers romantic sunsets with umbrella drinks. It could be hard to find 'the hole in the wall' to get to this secret little bar on the cliffs of the City Walls, but once you get there you will be amazed. Also, during daytime you can sometimes see cliff jumpers, as the locals swim on the rocky beach.

As the sun goes down, take a walk in the streets of the Old City and you will always find something of your interest. Rector's Palace is favorite concert stage of the world's greatest classical musicians, while the Revelin Fortress is a place for young people loving modern music and all night dancing. If you prefer enjoying delicious food there is a plenty of fine restaurants as well.

6. Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The oldest cultural festival in Croatia, Dubrovnik Summer Festival takes place from 10th July to 25th of August in Dubrovnik presenting rich and vibrant theatre program in the fields of theatre, ballet, classic music and opera. Unlike the majority of other summer festivals, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is not just one of those that uses open air venues as mere visual attractions, and face walls of the palaces and beautiful gardens only as sets. In Dubrovnik the space is decisive in creating a theatrical event. Take a look at their website to check the programme for the period you will stay in Dubrovnik.

Tip: Reserve your tickets in advance.

7. Try Croatia wines

Being the privilege of the Dubrovnik aristocracy and strategic economic product of the Dubrovnik Republic, and winning the world awards in modern times, Dubrovnik Malvasija white wine is well known around the globe.

The finest Plavac Mali is grown in the vineyards of Dingač and Postup areas on the hillsides close to the sea in the central part of Pelješac Peninsula. Dingač is Croatia's oldest controlled wine name, cultivated in the steepest vineyards in the world. Exposed to the sun the whole day, they are situated in close proximity to the sea that reflects and intensifies rays of sunlight.

Tip: If you love wines, I would suggest taking excursion to Korčula by local agencies, as you will get chance to visit at least one of the traditional wineries on Pelješac and taste their wines. You won't regret buying few bottles for yourself or as a gift to your friends.

8. Excursions

Dubrovnik is located just 40 km from borders to Montenegro and 10 km from Bosnia and Herzegovina. That's one of the reasons why Mostar and Montenegro full day excursions are most popular in the area. But personally, I would suggest exploring stunning Croatian sites and islands, as you will avoid long border queues and distant coach routes. There is really a lot to see and taste in Dubrovnik surroundings.

Some of the great excursions are: Konavle Train Wine Tour by Gulliver, Dubrovnik Countryside by Atlas, Elaphite Islands by Galleon Tirena and excursion to Korcula island, the home town of Marko Polo, the excursion that will take you through famous Pelješac vineyards and Ston salt ponds.

But for the start, I suggest meeting and exploring destination you are staying in. With great experience and education I would be happy to introduce you our lovely Dubrovnik and help you plan your stay.

Tip: Take one full-day, one half-day excursion and visit Elaphite islands. Spend the rest of you stay in spectacular Dubrovnik, as you will definitely find various offers that will suite your interests. It's your holiday, don't spend it just driving on the coach.
Watch for: There is a Croatian saying: I am not that rich to buy cheap things. There are few travel agencies in Dubrovnik that offer slightly more expensive excursions than others, but that difference is worth of money, as you will get professional guides, good coaches and more content included.

9. Lokrum island

Locals love it! Maybe it's not the best place to go swimming if you prefer shallow water, but just taking the walk under the Pine and Cyprus trees, or just lying on the grass listening cricket's song and watching peacocks will relax your body and soul. You can visit botanical garden or Fort Royale if you are in good shape. If it's a guided tour you will hear some great stories and legends regarding the island, which is just 15 minutes away from the Old City port.

10. Relax on a beach

After all, you are probably on a holiday. Swimming in crystal clear Adriatic sea, sunbathing and drinking cold drinks under the umbrella shade is your escape from every day work. There are plenty nice beaches around, so vicinity to your place of stay will usually narrow your choice. Pebble or sand, shore or the islands, crowded or hidden, it's up to you to choose.

Tip: St. Jacob's beach across the Old town is my favorite :)
Watch for: the harsh sun. Locals avoid sun between 11 am and 3 pm.

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